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Case Inquiries

The Justice Task Force was created to safeguard against the occurrence of wrongful convictions in New York.  One of the first permanent task forces addressing wrongful convictions in the United States, the Justice Task Force was established to review new exoneration cases and examine prevalent causes of wrongful convictions.  The Justice Task Force intends to identify recurring patterns and practices that may contribute to wrongful convictions in New York, and to create and implement recommendations and reforms to reduce the occurrence of wrongful convictions in this state.

However, the mission of the Justice Task Force is to examine cases only after the courts and/or prosecutors have already determined that there has been a wrongful conviction. The Justice Task Force can therefore only review cases after a reversal has been granted. If you know of such a case, please contact

Otherwise, the Justice Task Force is not empowered to handle inquiries regarding pending or active convictions. Those with inquiries about such cases may wish to contact the last attorney of record for the case, or any other counsel able to assist in determining which, if any, remedies or avenues of redress are available. For your reference only, please find below a non-comprehensive list of organizations and resources that may provide, among other things, free legal and investigatory help. The following link may also be helpful in identifying the Office of the District Attorney responsible for a particular case:


Innocence Project
100 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor
Only accepts cases on post-conviction appeal in which DNA testing can prove innocence
Centurion Ministries, Inc.
221 Witherspoon Street Princeton, NJ 08542-3215
Investigatory and advocacy for the wrongfully convicted
The Exoneration Initiative
350 Broadway Suite 1207 New York, NY 10013
Provides free legal assistance to the wrongfully convicted, primarily focusing on cases lacking DNA evidence
Fortress Innocence Group
98 Cutter Mill Road
Great Neck, NY 11021
Reinvestigates cases in which there is no DNA, but compelling evidence of innocence
Pace Post-Conviction Project
Barbara C. Salken Criminal Justice Clinic 78 North Broadway Room G210 White Plains, NY 10603
Reinvestigation Project
Office of the Appellate Defender 11 Park Place, Suite 1601 New York, NY 10007
Center for Wrongful Convictions
The Law School at Northwestern University The Center For Wrongful Convictions 357 East Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60611
Generally considers only murder convictions in Illinois, but will consider out of state DNA cases
National Child Abuse Defense And Resource Center
PO Box 638 Holland, OH 43528
Can refer persons accused of child abuse to lawyers skilled in child abuse cases

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